Friday, July 11, 2014

Putting in a new fence

I have on old ratty, rusted, falling down fence and have been working on it and for 2 years and it will probably be 2 more years till I get it done. Last year I did 1/2 of the right side and today I did 1/2 of left side and I only hammered my thumb once. It's pretty hard to hammer the stakes in with a broken arm, but I got it done. Will take a pain pill when I go to bed tonight for sure.

The reason it's taking so long is the cost. Limited income and I won't go higher than what I can afford to pay off in a year. Yes, I charged it. But I never have that kind of money all at once. I checked with the local contractors and they were way to much, so a little bit at a time works for me.

This is the old fence...

and this is the new second half...

I love this little black fence. Just hope Lowe's doesn't stop selling it before I get it all up.

It's been a beautiful day, hot but a nice breeze. I threw a steak and vegetables on the grill while I was working so it was all ready after I cleaned up the mess.

What can I get into tomorrow???

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